Monetise your data assets

Generate new revenue streams and access a global market of buyers.

Monitise your data assets

Reach data buyers across the globe

Showcase your data offering

Showcase your data offering

Dedicated company profile, product listing, enhanced taxonomy structure, featured partners, marketing campaigns, data trials and verified ratings.

Aligned Business Incentives

Aligned business incentives

We act as an extension to your sales force, providing client data trials, follow-ups, consultations, to ensure a high win conversion ratio and client retention.

Secure and fast data access

Secure & fast data access

Comprehensive entitlements, high level security and data distribution options provide immediate purchase and near zero waiting time.

Ventriks marketplace for Providers

Easier, faster and a more rewarding customer experience

Real-time Metrics

Real-time Metrics

Real-time metrics on data trials, click-throughs, revenue, retention rates, to ensure full transparency and accountability.

Verifiable Buyers

Verifiable Buyers

All buyers must undertake a comprehensive and multi-factor registration process, ensuring authentic and trusted buyers.

Multiple payment options

Multiple Payment Options

All Suppliers have the control over the type of payment options offered, including all major cards, Paypal, and Invoice.

Multiple license agreement options

License Agreements: Multiple Options

Ventriks offer a comprehensive Data License to expedite sales; a bespoke version of the template; or your own preferred License Agreements.

Document Management

Document Management

All transactions and related documentation is saved in your secure space on the Ventriks platform ensuring a complete and detailed overview.

Instant Data Trials

Instant Data Trials

To encourage customers to evaluate your products, Ventriks can offer instant data trials, set to your exact specifications.

Expand your sales opportunities

Register today and create your own online profile. Ventriks work hard for you to increase sales opportunities. You can also share the link to your profile with your prospective and current customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listing on Ventriks Marketplace is free of charge. However, Ventriks charge a flat rate processing/fulfilment fee.

While we build our Data Listing interface, the Ventriks Onboarding Team will work with all Suppliers to ensure a rapid and accurate listing on the marketplace.

Yes. However, Ventriks offers a standard data license template, that allows Suppliers to customise the key legal conditions, thereby making the Subscription through Ventriks easier, faster, equitable and transparent. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, If Suppliers still require to use their own Data License, this is accommodated within the Marketplace.

Yes. However, Ventriks Marketplaces provides a frictionless, seamless buying experience to all Buyers – offering transparent pricing and contract conditions. If the Supplier wishes to contact an interested Buyer during this process, this can either be a mandatory stage or an optional stage by the Buyer.

Yes. Ventriks extensively markets the Marketplace and Data Vendors through multi-level marketing campaigns.

No. It is entirely up to any Supplier what terms they wish to offer the Buyer. However, offering free trials (and sample data) allows the buyer to assess the data quicker and has a higher success rate of subscription than without any data trial.

Yes. You can register as both a Buyer and Provider on the Marketplace.