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Our mission is to remove complexity and access to data and analytics for all types and size of business, whilst offering fair value and zero lock-in.

April 27, 2020

LONDON – Ventriks, a new London-based technology company, today introduced a blue-print for a cloud-only fully normalised, quality-checked, immediate & data science ready Data Marketplace and AI Data Platform, that will accelerate and enable actionable information.

Ventriks will remove the long-held and protracted inefficiencies in data sourcing and procurement through the Data Marketplace whilst offering a Data Platform for integration, data management, analysis and predictive insights that will provide the backbone for organisations small and large, across a wide range of industries.

The Marketplace initial product offerings will include hundreds of data providers, within an easy to use taxonomy structure, over 100 data categories and free and premium data offerings. The Data Platform will offer no-code ETL & Automation, Excel Plug-in, Charting & Analysis, over 50 Connectors to 3rd party databases and applications, and integration with an array of languages.

The company’s co-founders also include Richard Quigley, former CEO and major shareholder of DataGenic, an enterprise data and analytics company, acquired by Enverus, with over 25 years in data management and analytics and Kowshik Rao, a highly experienced computer engineer and architect that was part of the team at DataGenic. 

Quigley said, “The best businesses are often the ones that re-invent entrenched, inefficient and expensive processes and make them profoundly better, simpler and accessible to everyone. Ventriks aims to be the market disrupter; it will categorically provide a more accelerated path to company digital transformation, analysis and decision making.”

About Ventriks

Headquartered in London, UK, Ventriks has an ambition to deliver innovative technology, data and services that accelerate and enable actionable information, within a collaborative environment. Unbounded by scale, flexibility and data type, organisations can quickly access and add data, ensure robust business processes automation, share & collaborate with clients and internal users, and quickly access the value in the data for better decision making.