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Who we are

Who we are

Headquartered in London, UK – Ventriks delivers innovative technology, data and services that accelerate and enable actionable information, within a collaborative environment. Unbounded by scale, flexibility and data type, organisations can quickly source, buy and add data, ensure robust business process automation, seamless integration through native connections to data sources, target applications and stores, sharing & collaboration with clients and internal users – to accelerate and enable actionable information. 

Ventriks Data Journey Platform

Your Data Journey Platform

Connect. Automate. Analyse.

Ventriks Data Platform (VDP) offers a complete cloud-native data platform that enables any user to work and collaborate with any data, unbounded by scale, performance and flexibility. Experience no-code data connectivity and engineering, automated inter-application workflow and powerful data targeted components. Allowing you to concentrate on the science, not the engineering.

Ventriks Digital Marketplace

Ventriks data marketplace

Ventriks Data Platform

Ventriks data journey

The Ventriks Difference

Data Marketplace

One-Stop Data Marketplace

Normalised data ready for data sourcing and discovery

Ecosystem of Connectors

An Ecosystem Of Connectors

Rapid and readily available data interchange

Innovative Cloud Data Platform

Innovative Cloud Data Platform

Built by data experts, engineered for your success

No barriers to your data journey

No Barriers To Your Data Journey

On-demand performance, flexibility and scalability

Powering Business Insights

Powering Business Insight

Query, report, derive, analyse, predict

Big Data Optimized

Data Team Empowerment

Making smarter decisions faster

Our World of Data

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