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10 Reasons to be a Ventriks Customer

10 Reasons to be a Ventriks Customer

There are a number of companies across the globe offering some form of Data Solutions that may align with your business requirements – and they want your business.

Ventriks is no different. We would love to welcome you to our Customer Family but we also understand you have other buying options. You may also have restricted financial budgets, tight delivery schedules, global support requirements, light-touch IT overhead, on-demand scaling, minimal downtime, and maybe even a vendor that can prove they care.

Ventriks was co-founded by industry veteran Richard Quigley (ex CEO and major shareholder of DataGenic, acquired by Enverus) and Kowshik Rao (ex Senior Developer DataGenic). We would welcome the chance to earn your business and stay the course together for the long-term.

So we thought we would list 10 reasons to be part of the Ventriks Customer family:

  1. Fair Value & Price Standardisation
    We need to make a profit that sustains our future, but one that is fair, transparent, scalable and standardised, to ensure the small and the large enterprise companies enjoy the same services.
  2. Expert Technical Support
    We really care about our software. If you run into any problems you can count on us doing anything and everything we can to help you resolve it quickly and effortlessly.
  3. Quality Software
    We pride ourselves in providing high quality software using rigorous testing routines, code peer reviews, in-flight monitoring, copious amounts of statistics and a bunch of highly experience software engineers who take pride in their work.
  4. Get Started Immediately
    As a SaaS Platform there is no waiting around.  Your subscriptions will be available for use in as little as 2 minutes after ordering!
  5. Extremely Easy to Use

    We have designed the software to be intuitive without any training; all of our products are designed to be easy to use without any formal training or instruction by both business and technical users. We have programmed the systems with all of the default configurations needed to get started with. Of course, advanced users can customise them to meet their unique needs, but unlike many other products, you can get up and running without consultants and software engineers!.

  6. Open Platform
    We are true believers in open architecture; all of our products feature rich, documented, stable APIs. In addition, we have a library of integrations with the market leading tools that de-risk your project and accelerate your delivery time.
  7. Expert in Data Management & Analytics
    You’re in safe hands when you sign up to work with Ventriks. The crew have been building software and working with data for over two decades.
  8. On-Boarding Support Team
    We know it can sometimes be challenging, both in terms of time and expertise to migrate from an incumbent system. Our experiences On-Boarding Team will support you through the process. No fuss, just getting the job done.
  9. Easy-to-follow Documentation
    We provide comprehensive, easy-to-follow documentation that includes a quick-start guide tutorial, detailed administration guide, a comprehensive user manual and integrated online help.
  10. Secure, Easy Ordering
    Orders can be placed online using either a credit card or PayPal. All transactions are SSL-secured and guarantee your privacy. For Enterprise Customers, you can also order by wire transfer, or with a corporate purchase order.